Modelling of surface runoff from green areas

Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  • Andreas Løvgaard
4. term, Water and Environment, Master (Master Programme)
Heavier rain events, as a result of climate changes, puts greater demands in drainage systems. This is caused by the increased amount of surface runoff. This master thesis deals with the surface runoff from green areas in urban surroundings. In green areas, it will not be all of the water from a rain event that will infitrate at the surface. The residual amount of rain will be the additional runoff amount that goes into the drainage system. Thus, the rainfall-runoff process has been investigated for three different soil types by using two infiltration models: Horton and Green & Ampt. Both models shows an unambiguously depiction of the surface runoff: The more compact the soil type, the more runoff is produced. The significance of surface runoff from green areas has been applied to Lystrup, north from the city of Aarhus. The city of Lystrup is a part of a larger climate adaptation project. Here, it is investigated whether the extra surface water amount from green areas will cause capacity problems in the drainage system. Capacity problems in the drainage system has the largest influence in the green areas, while a smaller amount is affected in the impervious areas.
Publication date7 Jun 2016
Number of pages65
ID: 234849010