Modeling, Simulation, and Control of Biped Robot AAU-BOT1

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Brian Thorarins Jensen
  • Michael Odgaard Kuch Niss
The field of robotics evolves rapidly, motivated by the thoughts of making robots perform tasks that humans do. This master's thesis concerns the further development of AAU-BOT1, which is a bipedal robot with human proportions, designed and built at Aalborg University. The robot is designed to combine the fields of robotics and health research in the study of gait patterns including dysfunctional limbs. To provide a platform for this project and further development on AAU-BOT1, a complete hardware and software platform is set up to allow for easy implementation of new control systems. A complete model of the robot is set up in order to simulate the robot realistically and to be used in the control system design. To make the robot walk static balanced gait a trajectory is generated which meets the physical limitations of AAU-BOT1. To follow the trajectory a control system is created based on an unscented Kalman estimator, a posture controller, and a balance controller. The estimator is designed to obtain an estimate of unmeasured system states needed in the posture controller, which consists of feedback linearization and decoupling based on the computed-torque control method, combined with linear controllers. The control system is tested with changes in the parameters of the system model to reflect model uncertainties compared to the real robot. The final result is a complete development platform for AAU-BOT1 and a control system which can make AAU-BOT1 perform static balanced gait in simulations.
Publication date2009
Number of pages140
Publishing institutionAAU, Electronic System - Automation and Control


ID: 17635641