Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Tummas Jóhan Sigvardsen
  • Stefan Bjerregaard Pedersen
  • Simon Bak Kjærulff
There is an increased interest to employ technology to help
individuals combat mental health issues. With the rise of
personal voice assistants, the field of HCI is facing new
challenges in how to utilize these effectively in different
contexts. We set out to construct a novel design that
meditates mindfulness techniques for smoking cessation. We
report findings from a mixed study design with nine
participants using one of the two variants of the application
design during a month-long deployment. The purpose of the
prototypes were to explore wheter mindfulness for smoking
cessation can be mediated through a voice assistant. In
addition to this, the purpose was to explore the differences
and similarities of how participants experienced mindfulness
techniques, mediated through either a voice assistant on a
smart speaker or on a mobile device, to provide insights for
future development of similar applications. The paper
presents quantitative data of prototype usage, measured
mindfulness and measured smoking urges, as well as
qualitative data of how the participants perceived
mindfulness, smoking urges, their ongoing motivation to quit
and their usage of the prototype. We conclude by presenting
discussion points which provide further directions for
researchers in the field of HCI.
Publication date21 Jun 2021
Number of pages14
ID: 414402140