Midjord - Activating a socially marginalised neighbourhood

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Steffan Vangsted Frandsen
  • Katrine Dam Henriksen
  • Ida Tesaker Belland
4. term, Urban Design, Master (Master Programme)
This thesis deals with the development of the socially marginalised neighbourhood Midjord, in Stavanger, Norway. A municipal investigation has shown an accumulation of people with low living conditions in the neighbourhood. Therefore the municipality has initiated the project ‘Levekårsløft Storhaug’, in order to investigate the circumstances further and on the basis of this, enhance the resident’s living conditions.

The thesis takes part in this on-going municipal process. With an experimental approach in mind it seeks to unveil the effect of different methods within participatory processes through a 1:1 experiment, implemented at the site. The experiment is based on site analysis and relevant theory. These theories discuss how the frames can be set for social interactions to occur and further strengthen local cooperation and relationships.

Using the experience gained through working with the 1:1 experiment, theoretical studies and case studies of similar projects, this thesis will devise a flexible development strategy. This strategy describes different tools, and how these can be implemented at Midjord. Furthermore, it addresses the different actors necessary in such development process and the relation between them. The strategy aims to activate the socially marginalised area, by empowering residents to take action and responsibility in their neighbourhood as a step in the overall process of enhancing the living conditions at Midjord.
Publication date25 May 2016
ID: 233939972