• Mariana Beatriz Sabanero Zarzuela
4. term, Urban Design (cand.tech.), Master (Master Programme)
A city’s Mobility Narrative is a reflection of society and its culture. By understand- ing it, one is able to identify not only some of the flaws and points of disruptions, but also detect potential opportunities in or- der to provide solutions and improve mo- bilities. In this thesis, the case of Mex- ico City’s Mobility Narrative is discussed. This is done through critical research us- ing qualitative and quantitative methods through the analysis of Mexico City’s pub- lic bike-sharing system: ECOBICI. This analysis will be framed under the New Mo- bilities Paradigm (Sheller and Urry, 2006), Staging Mobilities (Jensen, 2013), and Ar- chitectures of Hurry (Mackintosh et al., 2018). By doing this analysis, the pos- sibilities that cycling practices oer, will be explored. The aim of this work, is to grasp a better understanding of some of the challenges that the city experiences re- lated to Mobilities, in order to potentialize solutions, as means to improve urban life.
Publication date26 May 2021
Number of pages108
ID: 412801024