• Suzan Michelsen
4. term, Social Work, Master (Master Programme)

Our thesis deals with women from other backgrounds who have fled the Middle East. The women who in addition to having fled to a new country, also experience barriers by virtue of their cultural practices.
The thesis was conducted based on an observational study in the District Mother’s Café in Copenhagen, Denmark. In addition, several semi-structured interviews were conducted with five women from other ethnic backgrounds and three district mothers.
We have examined the women's experience of recognition from the system and how their cultural background has an impact on being integrated into Danish society and thus getting closer to the labor market or in education.
The thesis uses a hermeneutic science theory and is analyzed based on Axel Honneths theories on recognition, Pierre Bourdieu’s theories on cultural capital as well as several studies on an individual’s cultural categorization in society.
We conducted an analysis based on an in-depth understanding of our informants and their life history. Through this, we have concluded that women from other ethnic backgrounds still strive for recognition and for getting "the good life".

Publication date2 Jun 2020
Number of pages71
ID: 333431980