Med Skolen I Skyen

Student thesis: Master programme thesis

  • Susanne Hvidtfeldt
  • Jacob Elholm
  • Mads-Peter Galtt
4. term, Master of ICT and Learning (MIL) (Continuing education) (Continuing Education Programme (Master))
The underlying basis of this Master’s thesis is making a specification requirement for an IT-base for students in their final years of compulsory schooling. The specification requirement is grounded on cloud-technology and involves the possibilities of web 2.0 for multi-modality as well as mediates forms of collaborative cooperation and learning. An important aspect by the specification requirement is preparing for an IT-product reflecting culture in folkeskolen (the Danish municipal primary and lower secondary school) including the Danish school law and publication no 48 (guidance to IT) in order to secure a further implementation in the whole organisation.

We wish to build one platform which can accompany students from different schools and levels during their final years in compulsory school by bridging the technical relations and the physical reality in which they are taught with their media-reality such as smartphones, tablets (e.g. iPads) etc. A point is that the education is already linked to the internet and thus grows to a break with location-bound schooling.

Based on social constructivism learning theory including respectively Bruner and Wenger and including connectivism learning theory and Wellman’s concept on networked individualism we have used the MUST-method for project management of our IT-product and collected empirical knowledge via action research specifically implemented in a future workshop, scenario-based research and qualitative interviews with teachers and students in the Danish school.

Developing the specification requirement we have demonstrated that internet-based schooling can easily be placed within the physical school but also be isolated establishing learning communities across classes, municipalities and finally nationalities.
Publication date30 May 2011
Number of pages111
ID: 52680859