• Nicolaj Frederiksen
This dissertation investigates the contractor’s opportunities of action with focus on how these opportunities are influenced by construction legislations and building regulations.
The investigation is conducted with the use of Mitchell Dean’s theory about Regimes of Practices, which stems from the concept of governmentality.
Seven qualitative interviews have been conducted and used from a postmodern point of view to show the tissue of relations between the world and the human bodies. Furthermore, a historiographic archival analysis has been conducted to show the contemporary act on the basis of the past.
Some of the findings are that the building legislations and the building regulations are a reflection of societal agendas, and that the incorporation of performancebased regulations gives the contractor further opportunities in relation to the choice of materials and building solutions. The contractor can only harvest these opportunities if the contractor is subjecting the performancebased regulations.
Publication date5 Jan 2017
Number of pages91
ID: 246765933