Mastrup Delta - A learning cykle

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Lars Erik Barly Pedersen
  • Louise Lindschov Hansen
  • Louise Grønbech Andersen
4. term, Urban Design, Master (Master Programme)
This Master’s thesis aims to change the way rainwater
in cities are seen and used. Rainwater is a resource, and
like all other resources it needs to be used in the best
possible way and not be misused. The site of intervention
is Mastrup Delta in Støvring, Denmark. The project
encompasses the implementation of rainwater management
for a larger area in the city. Using rainwater in cites
has several advantages for the city, it increases the physical
and mental health of the inhabitants and is a one of
several tools to make a city more liveable. By crossing
between the theories of ‘liveability’ and ‘learning’, the
project aims to design a recreational space in Støvring
which creates a cycle where water management both
solves water problems and provides the local community
with a new identity. Learning is a good tool for raising
awareness of a subject, which is why this thesis is using
learning as a tool for raising awareness of rainwater and
the nature we live in.
The project is strategy-based and contains three scenarios
of water management on site. The three different
scenarios are analysed and compared in order to find a
water strategy that the project will be based on. The chosen
scenario also needs to consider the visions of both
Rebild Municipality and Rebild Forsyning.
The result is a strategy plan for Mastrup Delta in
Støvring. The strategy plan includes an open-air learning
centre which functions as a path system around the site
that connects different programmes such as learning
programmes, recreational programmes and sport programmes.
Publication date18 May 2017
Number of pages123
External collaboratorRebild Forsyning
Morten Aaby Nielsen
Ramboll Foundation
Lisbeth Rosenberg Natorp
ID: 257744252