• Janus Drejer
This research study entails a comparative study of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship between the Arctic cities of Nuuk and Tromsø. The goal is to examine how the development of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship is taking place, and what factors affect this.
What is the influence of globalization on these cities? Does core vs. periphery play a role? What are the characteristics and motivation of entrepreneurs in these cities compared to Michael H. Morris’ publications in regard to entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship, as well as what entrepreneurial myths the entrepreneurs are met with when starting out.
The creation of an entrepreneurial community is also examined, where a comparison of the organizations working with entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship is conducted. What role migration has on Nuuk and Tromsø is also included in this study. And finally, an examination of the role the entrepreneurs have in terms of entrepreneurial responsibility, will be conducted.
As the study will show, Tromsø is ahead of Nuuk in some areas, but the two cities are quite similar in most.
Publication date21 Jul 2017
Number of pages60
ID: 260920630