• Rasmus C. Hamann
4. term, Architecture, Master (Master Programme)
The project deals with an actual problem concerning lack of dwellings
for the hospital staff in Masanga, Sierra Leone. The project
is made in cooperation with the Danish department of Architects
Without Borders.
The aim is to integrate parameters such as material technology,
natural ventilation, daylight and cooling/heating in the project and
due to the economic frame of the project low tech solutions are in
focus. The design will be carried out as a prototype of staff dwellings
and an overall master plan of the area wherein the dwellings
are placed. The overall basis for the design is the climatic context
being warm and humid.
As a point of departure for the project, fi eld work is made in Masanga.
Here the sociologic, cultural and topological context is
investigated and registrations of the site are made.
Publication date2 Jun 2010
Number of pages182
Publishing institutionAalborg University
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