• Emil Hostrup Sørensen
6. term (Bachelor Project), Civil Engineering (Structural and Civil Engineering), Bachelor (Bachelor Programme)
This project is about the construction of Markusgården, which is a care-center for the
elderly people. The care-center was built in 2021 in Aalborg. Markusgården is built
as a concrete element building. In this project, an alternative construction proposal is
developed. Instead of constructing the top-floor in concrete, this project will build the
top-floor as a steel construction. In relation to this, the project will investigate how
Markusgården’s top-floor is modulated and dimensioned as a steel construction, and it
will be examined, how the structures are dimensioned so that safe structures are achieved
(BGT and AGT). Therefore, the project includes static calculations and relevant load
combinations. In addition, a 3D model is built for the steel-construction, which afterwards
are calculated and verified for selected construction parts.
Publication date14 Jan 2022
Number of pages111
ID: 458952685