• Alberte Bau Larsen
4. term, Techno-Anthropology, Master (Master Programme)
This thesis researches public enactments of nature-cultures within the case of the new Nature National Park Gribskov. It aims at mapping out controversies that rise when an area of the Gribskov forest will change its management practices from production forest to a place with rewilding, where large herbivores and untouched forest will be the approach to management, in order to increase biodiversity in the area. To create a map of the controversies, I analyse how publics gather around issues, and enacts different realities of purposes and usages of nature, which causes different realities to clash. Through an extensive set of data on the controversy, collected from Facebook, public hearings and interview with the local public, I identify six central objects of dispute, namely; large herbivores, fences, outdoor life, biodiversity, climate and expertise. These objects are fluid in their actions in different networks, causing clashes between practices of each object alone, as well as among the objects. An underlying factor of clashes within a majority of the objects are the enactments of wild nature, which leads to disputes over the design of the Nature National Park Gribskov.
Publication date18 Jan 2022
Number of pages69
ID: 459266437