• Anders Frederik Nørby Rasmussen
4. term, Global Systems Design (cand.tech.), Master (Master Programme)
This project investigates the possibilities of creating an autonomous robot deep reinforcement learning agent for maples navigation in novel environments. To train the agent a simulated environment is created with Unity, that applies the principles of domain randomization. An \textit{Intrinsic Curiosity Module} (ICM) is implemented, to encourage the agent to explore unseen areas of the environment. A \textit{Deep Recurrent Q-network} (DRQN) agent and a DRQN agent with an ICM are trained on a limited version of the environment to explore the system's potential. During the training the agents use the trick of \textit{Learning from Easy Missions} along with the proposed trick of \textit{Naive Visual Hindsight Experience Replay}.
Publication date3 Jun 2019
Number of pages51
ID: 304984229