• Anders Frederik Nørby Rasmussen
This project investigates the possibilities of creating an autonomous robot deep reinforcement learning agent for maples navigation in novel environments. To train the agent a simulated environment is created with Unity, that applies the principles of domain randomization. An \textit{Intrinsic Curiosity Module} (ICM) is implemented, to encourage the agent to explore unseen areas of the environment. A \textit{Deep Recurrent Q-network} (DRQN) agent and a DRQN agent with an ICM are trained on a limited version of the environment to explore the system's potential. During the training the agents use the trick of \textit{Learning from Easy Missions} along with the proposed trick of \textit{Naive Visual Hindsight Experience Replay}.
Publication date3 Jun 2019
Number of pages51
ID: 304984229