Rework in on-site construction

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Peter Borris Mathiesen
  • Rasmus Nüchel Sørensen
In the process of planning construction projects, rework is a problem because it primarily consists of last minute solutions by workers under compressed timetables. The amount of rework in on-site construction is a considerable amount and the problem is well known throughout the industry. Reports shows the cost of rework lies between 4 and 8 \% of the project costs. This projectreport delves deeper into the major reasons behind why rework is occurring and what ways there are to reduce or eliminate the amount of rework in on-site construction. This defines to the project reports core problem to be:

''What are the main causes to rework in on-site construction and what consequences are there on time, quality and cost?''

The project is based on several interviews with a fraction of the construction site managers in Denmark, whose experience and knowledge, from many years of practice, establishes tendencies and causes to the problem. The entirety of processes in the building process, are taken into account, so to therefore assess the most influential parts and individuals.

An analysis of interviews show the main causes to rework to be faulty project material from the consulting team and construction workers pressured by time. The project material is faulty because is hasn't been throughly inspected to seen if the material is feasible and the workers don't have a proper environment to review their work.

In the end the project finds several solutions to address the problem which can be implemented individually or together as a whole. The solutions are as follows:
1. Partnering – Constructing with a more integrated structure of the participants
2. Digitalization – Using online communication to improve coordination of the rework
3. Focus on dependencies – Countering the need for re-rework by planning the rework process
4. Schedule of Decisions – Improving the construction flow by eliminating setback brought on by the shortage of verdicts by the building owner during construction.
Publication date2 Jun 2015
Number of pages114
ID: 213418173