• Hans Emil Høllund Hjeds
4. term, Tourism, Master (Master Programme)
This thesis investigates how VisitAalborg can make the Limfjord-area into an attractive destination for angling tourism. The primary data for this inquiry was obtained through an elaborate preliminary netnographical study, a survey with almost 700 responses and 7 semi-structured qualitative interviews, which combined pose the foundation for this thesis. By means of a typology (Motivated Fishing Tourist, Inspired Tourism Angler, Attracted Tourism Angler) that separates anglers on basis of their motivation for fishing in their destination selection process, the results indicate that the anglers are not solely motivated by the prospects to go fishing when choosing their next angling destination. This was the case for both German and Danish anglers that pose the target groups in this study, who curiously have much in common, with very few exceptions.
Thus, the revealed driving forces for a majority of anglers are highly based on the prospects of experiencing a diverse nature, relaxing and socialising, while a smaller group of dedicated anglers value the more catch-oriented and angling-specific elements on the vacation. Seeing as the anglers express a multitude of preferences for going on vacation, it is difficult to accommodate to all demands. However, common ground was identified, in order to make new and appealing initiatives to attract the different types of anglers. The most important product that should be in focus is the sea trout, which is by far the most popular species among all types of anglers, while other popular species (herring, pike, mackerel, cod and garfish) are also high in prevalence in the Limfjord-area.
Moreover, the study also noticed a rapidly emerging outdoor-wave that should be embraced in the production of offers that appeal to a majority of anglers. The complementary services that are to be accentuated count both mountainbiking, horseback riding, golfing, hiking and sailing that can all be included in a destination image that appeals to the anglers who are not solely attracted by fishing. Likewise, it was revealed that many values the possibility of doing activities that does not resemble neither angling nor outdoor, as culture and other entertaining amusement offers are highly demanded for anglers, especially the ones who travel with their families.
Thus, VisitAalborg should pursue producing an image of an experience scape with no limits that accommodates to all types of anglers and their families.
However, much work should still be done to become a preferred destination, as a large number of competing angling destination-projects (e.g. FishingZealand, Havørred Fyn, Herning Kommune) are rapidly developing to attract the big-spending fishing tourists.
In order for VisitAalborg to appeal to these and make them choose the Limfjord-area over other destinations, much work is required. This includes organising the project by engaging in collaboration with the already existing project, Havørred Limfjorden, while jointly producing persuasive marketing material in multiple channels to create awareness about the destination to a range of prioritised markets in Europe, with primary focus on Germany. Accordingly, the website gateway “Havorredlimfjorden.dk” should be upgraded to produce an information platform that highlights the multitude of possibilities that the Limfjord-area boasts of.
Lastly, a serious effort should be launched to accommodate to the demands that include gearing the preferred overnight stay accommodations (holiday homes, camping sites, marinas, tent- and shelter-sites) with facilities to handle the caught fish, but also to collaborate with local equipment shops to put up automatons with worms and hooks, while developing and improving offers, such as fishing guide service, boat rentals and package tours.
Publication date30 Oct 2017
Number of pages91
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Leisure Tourism Manager Cathrine Billund Kallehauge cbh@aalborg.dk
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