• Jonatan Riber Andersen
4. term, Humanistic Informatics - Cand IT (Master Programme)
This thesis deals with the issue of developing
new web strategies for the organization of Fokus
Folkeoplysning. The research consists of heuristic
evaluations, stakeholder interviews and some
few other studies. The result of this is an understanding
of the Context, Content and Users
in relation to the website.
Based on these things I develop a new strategy
that goes beyond the website and develop both
web strategies and business strategies. The important
discovery in this relation is that it is important
to find ways to motivate the users and
attract attention towards Fokus Folkeoplysning.
The conclusion is that Fokus Folkeoplysning has
to stand out and be different compared to its
competitors by arranging offbeat happenings in
the public spaces of the city. All of this needs
to be backed up by a broad focus on social media,
the website and the magazine in a way that
inspire and motivate the potential customers to
visit the website to read more.
Publication date2 Aug 2010
Number of pages101
Publishing institutionAalborg University
ID: 35095441