• Helle Juel Johansen
4. term, Master of Sexology (Continuing education) (Continuing Education Programme (Master))

Men’s experiences of their sexual lives and of their meeting with the health professionals during pregnancy and after childbirths are investigated by qualitative interviews with three fathers of newborn babies. The men and their wives lived active sexual lives during pregnancy and have resumed their sexual lives fast and without problems after the birth of their children. Communication is emphasized as the single factor of greatest importance according to maintenance of good sexual lives in the course of events. The men’s ability of adaptation to and mastering of the new situation is well-developed. The health professionals have failed to address the men in general and questions of sexuality in particular. Recommendations of a strengthened midwifery effort are: Addressing sexuality at the first consultation in pregnancy, focusing on information of facts, and actively engaging the men in prevention and health promotion. Finally men must be offered individual consultations with a midwife with possibility of a one-to-one talk about sexuality. This paper is based on the experiences of only three men, but nevertheless it contributes by introducing more light and shade upon men and their sexual lives during pregnancy and after childbirth.

Publication date11 May 2015
Number of pages56
ID: 211264556