• Monika Banyté
4. term, Techno-Anthropology, Master (Master Programme)
Music and technology have had an inextricable connection through history. These days this connection is getting even stronger due to the increasing incorporation of technology into the music-making processes. Artificial intelligence is one of the most recent and emerging integrations that is both a fascinating and problematic technology. The phenomena of musical storytelling, meaning and emotions appear to be among the most troubling to couple with artificial intelligence. This paper explores the Post-Phenomenological mediation of musical storytelling, meaning and emotional expression through artificial intelligence music creation assistance software Orb Composer and Orb Producer Suite to better understand the technology, its advantages and disadvantages, and finally, to find Techno-Anthropological solutions of how to integrate such software in terms of the experiences of music makers and listeners. Eight main types of technological mediations emerge after doing ethnographic studies of users and listeners: (1) sound and mediation of musical storytelling, meaning and emotions, (2) mediation of listener’s experience, (3) musical ideas and assistance of artificial intelligence, (4) intuitive and rule-based creativity, (5) machine as a creative partner, (6) creative decision making, (7) mediation of inspiration and (8) hermeneutics of usage of musical artificial intelligence software.
Publication date10 Aug 2020
Number of pages56
ID: 338354831