MAC/Routing layer interaction with Wireless Network Coding

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Bayu Anggoro Jati
  • Nurul Huda Mahmood
Network Coding offers a new degree of freedom for improving performance in a communication network. With this, multiple bidirectional information flows are merged and processed as a single flow instead of treating them separately. So unlike conventional systems, networks employing network coding will prefer flows to be routed such that there is an increased interaction among the flows. Routing techniques with such end in view is termed as Coding aware routing in the literature. In this thesis, we propose, implement and evaluate two such coding aware routing algorithms. One is a simple algorithm called Highway based routing, where flows are routed through a set of pre-determined highways, thus maximizing interaction among the flows. The other is the more complex adaptable routing algorithm that tries to maximize positive interaction of a newly arrived flow with the existing flows in the network. We demonstrate the throughput gain of network coding over conventional transmission analytically and through simulations. Network coding with these proposed ’coding aware routing’ algorithms result in as high as 50% throughput gain over network coding with conventional routing techniques.
Publication date2007
Number of pages56
Publishing institutionDepartment of Communication Technology
ID: 9924679