• Signe Lund Christoffersen
4. term, Music, Master (Master Programme)
The purpose of this master thesis is to increase the attention about how and why museums use sound in their staging of the museological objects and how it affects the visitor's experience at the museum. Through theoretical and empirical studies the thesis explores how the danish museum Moesgaard Museum uses sound in its exhibitions and how sound affects the visitor´s experience. The empirical studies will take form as observation of the exhibitions and visitors and furthermore semi-structured interviews with 20 visitors. The scientific theoretical framework is phenomenology and specifically Don Ihde´s phenomenology of sound in which he suggests an increasingly attention to the sound and auditive part of the experience. The theoretical framework of the thesis consists of theory from musicology, new museology, sound studies, the field of audiovisual media and an acoustemological approach to sound in museums. To put it into a broader perspective the thesis will finally see the changes at the museum as part of a larger social development. To this purpose Anthony Giddens' theory about the changes in the postmodern society will be involved.
SpecialisationGeneral Music
Publication date4 Jan 2016
Number of pages74
External collaboratorMoesgaard Museum
Leder af udstillingstegnestuen Ole Birch Nielsen obn@moesgaardmuseum.dk
ID: 225096632