• Elisabeth Stadsholt Westphalen
  • Maria Juul Sørensen
  • Louise Storgaard Nielsen
4. term, Urban Design, Master (Master Programme)
This project rapport is presenting a cross-disciplinary thesis, Looking over the fence, at the master's studies of Architecture and Urban Architecture at Aalborg University. The thesis is exploring alternative dwelling forms for seniors by challenging if more can be shared and thereby bring social value to the senior living and optimizing the use of both material, social, and contextual recourses.

The project site is in Naturbydelen, an ongoing urban development in Ringkøbing, that is being analysed together with the target group, the seniors, examining the problem and potentials. Further, with a focus on what an integrated collaboration between architecture and urban design can bring, theories on transitions (between landscape and building, public and private, in- and exterior) are investigated to shed light on how the transitions can provide a sharing environment where the use of recourses is utilized better.

The outcome is an experimental design proposal for a senior community living. It suggests a new type of dwelling, focusing on sharing on various levels of communities, which set the frame for sharing, and optimize the use of both social, contextual, and material resources.
Publication date31 May 2022
Number of pages168
ID: 471232944