Lokalplan - Lokal virkelighed: Årsagsanalyse

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Kathrine Stelsig Lillelund
This research project is based on the thesis that there are a number of instances of differences between an existing district plan and real life. Such differences are problematic be-cause they can cause challenges and confusion for citizens and the officials who adminis-trate the district plans. Furthermore, it is a problem in regard to the insight and the legal rights which citizens are entitled to e.g. the chance to object to the plan or parts of it. The differences will in the worst conceivable situation result in contravention with legislation and might undermine the planning system. In this research project the reasons for differences between district plans and real life are studied in order to accommodate the problems entailed by the differences. A case study on the basis of an analysis of concepts of dispensation and the obligation to create a new dis-trict plan serves as a useful foundation for this research project. The contents of the district plan as well as the actual administration of the plan are examined, and the reasons for differences between the selected plans and real life are analysed throughout this case study. In conclusion, differences between district plans and real life are a result of the present internal circumstances of the district plan and the way it has been drawn up. Differences can furthermore be due to the administration itself, inter alia, because of the local council’s occasional examples of paying attention to non objective reasons and due to the fact that an organized control and review of district plans are not required.
Publication date2007
Number of pages311
Publishing institutionAalborg Universitet
ID: 12832236