• Martin Weiss Hansen
4. term, Medialogy, Master (Master Programme)
In this report a method for localization and extraction of speech signals with distributed microphone arrays is described. Microphone arrays are used to estimate the DOA of a sound source. Multiple DOA estimates are combined to form an estimate of the location. A least-squares approach is used to find the point from which the distance to the lines formed by the DOAs and the microphone array postions.
Three experiments were conducted in order to evaluate the performance of the system. The results of the experiments indicate that the system is able to localize a static sound source with a test signal used as input. Future work should include an optimization of the imple- mentation, and the development of a method for weighting the DOA estimates when an es- timate of the location is formed.
Publication date2013
Number of pages58
ID: 76947875