Location in Context Aware Service Discovery

Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  • Gorka Mateo Chinchilla
Context Aware Service Discovery is an extension to Service Discovery that uses context information to offer the best service to the user. Context Aware Service Discovery can for example use the location information of devices and services connected to the network as a context information to find nearest service. For the System in this report, there has been designed an interface between a Context Aware Service Discovery System, and a general Location Platform, which has been implemented using a Position System based on Bluetooth Signal Strength technique. For the design there has been carried out a study about the accuracy in the major wireless localization techniques and it has been defined an accuracy of the location, in order enable the Context Aware Service Discovery to efficiently use this additional information to the location itself. Finally there has been carried out measurements with the implementation of the designed interface, regarding the generated delay and traffic in the System and the service’s selections of the Context Aware Service Discovery. Results shows that the discovery time and the generated traffic increase linearly by a factor of 1400 and 72 respectively with the number of devices in the cluster and the wrong selections at cluster level are less than 25%.
Publication date2007
Publishing institutionAAU
ID: 9911194