Live Electronics: Sounding (of) the coil

Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  • Tsun Yin Jasper Fung
4. term, Experience Design, Master (Master Programme)
While performing with the digital musical instrument is prevalent in the contemporary music scene, the loudspeaker is no longer used only for sound reinforcement, but has become an indispensable part of these devices that imply a process of sound production that varies from the traditional musical instruments. The fact that musicians using digital instruments encounter a sonic result that is different from studio practising when performing in various venues is common due to the variety of loudspeaker systems. By interrogating the influence of such divergence in terms of live electronic music, this research proposes musician to take the sound of the speaker into account as a source for the composition and resolve this situation. Besides, through investigating the artistic impact of how contemporary musician materialises sound through the loudspeakers and by considering the potential relationships between the sound generating devices and its sounding in the live performance, this research interrogates how the loudspeaker constructs the musical liveness as the sound mediator. As the French tradition of Acousmatic music has exhibited, the loudspeakers were ‘staged’ as part of the musical performance in the past. This research continues and explores this idea while searching for contemporary musicians endorsing the approach of actively ‘playing’ the loudspeaker in order to find a new pattern in the existing field.
Publication date2017
Number of pages93
ID: 259294440