• Neringa Miliauskaite
Energy issues became one of the most discussed and researched topics in last decades. Every country depending on its natural resources and geographical location faces different energy problems. It goes without saying that this domain falls under International Relations’ field as energy resources inequalities among the states make them mutually dependent on each other.
Lithuania- one of the Baltic States, is experiencing many problems regarding energy. Its dependency on Russia’s gas is the main problem. As part of EU Lithuania has advantages, but from its membership beginning the country had and still has problems in finding common vision with EU regarding energy security and accordingly implement energy projects. Both, EU generally and Lithuania needs to import oil and gas from Middle East, North Africa, Norway, Russia and Central Asia. From all these regions so far just Russia’s gas and oil have reached Lithuania. Therefore Lithuania is in so called “Energy Island” and is in search for escape and mitigation of consequences it causes.
The aim of the paper is to disclose how much EU is influential in mentioned issue and if Lithuania could be one of countries to be benefiting from Caspian region imports? In order to find the answer the paper gives analysis of Lithuania’s as small country’s situation: internal problems, current projects and plans. EU internal matters expose existing discrepancies among member countries perception of energy security and lack of good comprehensive strategies for diversification of supplies. Last part is about Caspian region situation. What is more, oil and gas projects give a better insight of possibilities.

Publication date28 Jun 2012
Number of pages75
ID: 65538579