• Helmar Träger
  • Mette Nipgaard Sørensen
This report describes adhesives bonding of anodized aluminum using 4 different combinations of epoxy and polyurethane. The effect on force and strain caused by sealing and type of bonding combination is studied. Statistical Design of Experiments has been used in dealing with the results from the shear test.
The statistical study shows that a combination of adhesives using epoxy as primer and polyurethane as binder, results in the highest forces. If polyurethane acts as primer a lower, yet more stabile, force is achieved. Furthermore, no difference in strain for the 4 combinations after 4 weeks is found. In both cases, it is shown, that leaving out the sealing process, results in higher force- and strain values.
Publication date22 Dec 2010
Number of pages138
ID: 42800533