• Lisa Thudén
  • Dibakar Roy
4. Term, Lighting Design (Master Programme)
This project focuses on the development of a lighting design solution for the French painting hall within Glyptoteket, a museum space in Copenhagen. The hall has lost its historic identity as a daylight museum due to the partial closure of the skylight, which was necessary to protect the light-sensitive paintings exhibited there. The project addresses the dilemma of restoring the daylit experience of the French painting hall while adhering to lux requirements for art preservation. After data and observation analysis, the decision was made to block out all natural light, providing control and minimizing the impact on the architectural structure. The research question aims to answer how illuminating the overhead plane, implementing dynamic lighting, and utilizing sensors can reestablish the ambiance of a daylight museum while significantly limiting light exposure for the preservation of artworks. The design was later evaluated based on simulations, digital measurements and prototype testing. The final design, incorporating electrical indirect and direct light, successfully enhances the perception of a daylit space by utilizing dynamic illumination, color variations, and directional lighting.
Publication date25 May 2023
Number of pages117
ID: 530857500