• Erik Tamas Gulyas
4. Term, Lighting Design (Master Programme)
This thesis investigates how we can bring adequate and appropriate lighting design into urban green areas to enhance humans' wellbeing and reduce the negative impact of the current relentless lighting on biodiversity. Considering the importance of our connection with nature and the darkness within, searching for a lighting solution for both nocturnal species and humans that reduces the external impacts on the natural habitat. Throughout an extensive literature review, site analysis of JC. Jacobsen Have, including my observations inspired by Pallasmaa along with deductive research approach, a holistic lighting design framework has been created. In the light of this framework, CCT levels, SPD, light intensity are the measurements that have been mainly taken from urban green areas in Copenhagen, for an extensive analysis. The design proposal visualises how can lighting be inviting for people, harmonising with nature and taking the fragile balance between humans and nature into consideration.
Publication date11 Jun 2021
Number of pages126
ID: 414544323