• Luaras Morina
  • Johannes Møjen
4. Term, Lighting Design (Master Programme)
This master thesis explores and investigates integrated lighting design as a specialised field in a design process rather than an added-on profession. Using trans-disciplinary scientific fields of architecture, light engineering and media technology, the aim is to confirm the initial problem statement as follows:

“By integrating lighting design in the early design process, it is possible to create an identity by improving the architectural qualities of a given space.”

To confirm this statement, a case study has been selected in the competition phase known as Christiansholm, which will work as an investigation of the possibilities that lighting design possesses when integrated as a part of the architecture. Utilising a combination of two framework models to define the path towards new knowledge based learning, the authors analyse the master plan and highlight two elements that can create an identity by improve the architectural qualities.

Using the process model, through means of transferring, translating, transforming and communicating knowledge, the authors have specified success criteria which resulted in preliminary design solutions that are tested in terms of hypotheses. Their output derives a final design which is communicated through a Light Plan and ultimately highlighting the advantages of integrated lighting design.
Publication date25 May 2015
Number of pages101
ID: 234120761