• Maarja Kukk
  • Anna Louise Kragelund
4. Term, Lighting Design (Master Programme)
This thesis provides a conceptual design proposal for the hospital waiting areas, focusing on the interplay between light and material. Based on scientific research it is found that hospitals waiting areas can pose anxious, impatient or insecure feeling and the spatial environment do not support a comfortable stay. Based on this, the problem statement is developed:

“How can a comfortable environment be created for hospitals waiting areas through a lighting design, focusing on the interplay between light, space and materials?”

Results from research in the fields of Hospital Lighting, Atmosphere and Perception theory and the use of art and colour in healthcare, form the theoretical base of this lighting design. Furthermore field studies at the hospitals in the Copenhagen area were conducted in order to attain a comprehensive understanding of the spatial characteristics, the atmosphere, and to assess the necessity of a new spatial design. The lighting design process was inspired by Donald A. Schöns Explorative experiment, Reflection in-action method that offered a way to approach the physical elements of the design. The final design with a combined slat structure with a moving light interpretation was developed through Explorative experiments. The design is inspired by nature which is commonly considered to have a positive effect when establishing a comfortable environment. Furthermore the design aims towards presenting an aesthetically pleasing visual stimulation, where the light, materials and the structural design interweave. This is achieved through the abstract representation of nature, a balanced combination of materials and programmed movement of light.
Publication date9 Jun 2016
Number of pages83
ID: 235042432