• Lea Skov Florczak
4. term, Master of Sexology (Continuing education) (Continuing Education Programme (Master))
Purpose: To scientificly explore LI-ESWT as an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction.
Background: since the beginning of the 1980´s several chemical treatments were discovered to treat the symptoms resulting in erectile dysfunction, but no attention was aimed towards the underlying causes of erectile dysfunction. LI-ESWT is launched as a curative intended treatment for erectile dysfunction.
Method: A literature study is the chosen method for this project. Two systematic reviews regarding LI-ESWT are analysed and the results compared.
Conclusion: LI-ESWT can positively affect the erectile function and be a future novel treatment with a curative aim towards erectile dysfunction. Preliminary studies show that especially men without any competitive diseases may respond better to the treatment. The relatively small population of the studies suggest that more research is needed to support initial findings, and they are also essential to development of a reliable treatment protocol.
Publication date8 May 2017
Number of pages44
ID: 257180647