• Irene Calle Rosa
Both the refugee crisis in Syria and the Syria’s long border with Turkey both led to the mass arrival of Syrians. Turkey is analyzed here as a transit country to Europe and also as a receiving country of refugees. This thesis describes Turkish and international interconnection concerning Syrian population in Turkey.

Thus, this thesis studies how legislations influence the interactions and roles’ formation between Syrians and Turks. There is a reality where, Syrians and locals’ patterns of behavior and conflicts can be classified as consequences of how laws and migration policies manage the refugee crisis and its demands. The term local refers to population legally recognized as Turkish citizens. To begin with, there are strong xenophobic and racist feelings among Turkish citizens concerning Syrian community and the international humanitarian aid. Concepts such as, citizenship, transnationalism and diaspora are used to study the case study in Southern East of Turkey.
Publication date16 Dec 2015
Number of pages64
ID: 224021256