• Rasmus Greve Andreasen
4. term, Social Work, Master (Master Programme)
This master thesis has been made with the purpose of investigating leadership in social work, spe- cifically leadership in Danish job centers in regard to identifying leadership elements and how social work as a discipline appears in the leadership of social work. The thesis aims to help enlighten and investigate how leadership in social work differs from ordinary leadership, if that indeed is the case. In general, leadership of social work and social workers present a gap of knowledge as this is not a field of research that has made any major headway in academia. To allow the thesis a setoff point in regard to investigating this particular field of knowledge, the following research question has been made, along with a sub question: • What elements are part of job center leaders act of leadership? o And how do the leaders perceive leadership in social work? The thesis takes a qualitative standpoint, using Mintzberg’s leadership typologies as a framework for the interviews and as a proverbial nutcracker to open the leadership act and discipline to allow social work elements to be identified. The act of identifying the social work aspects in the leadership act in job centers, has been undertaken using Bergmark & Lundström and Sune Sunessons method- ologies in social work. The findings of this thesis are the identification of a series of leadership elements that are present in the interviewed leaders act of leadership, along with a realization that social work as an academic discipline is rarely present in the informant answers directly. However, they appear to be parts of the identified leadership elements, as a secondary element regarding specific leadership skills. Fur- thermore, the social work aspects apparent in the leader’s answers are often in relation to coworker interaction and general internal dealings. Social work skills are, however, also present in regard to technical sparring with the social workers.
Publication date3 Jun 2019
Number of pages71
ID: 304954307