• Alvin Hernandez
This thesis investigates the role of learning routines on the development of process and product/service innovations at Global Wind Power, a Danish Wind Farm Development company. It does so by considering three complementary perspectives that guide the analysis. The first is through the use of a multi-definitional framework on routines that is intended to operationalize the routine concept while reducing conceptual ambiguity through the identification of which routine definition is being evoked in the analysis. The second perspective, views the innovation process as consisting of the routines in the organization that guide the search, selection, implementation, and capture of innovative opportunities and threats. The third and final perspective distinguishes between two modes of innovation based on Science or Science-like understanding (STI mode) and an experienced based mode of learning based on ‘learning by doing’, ‘using’ and ‘interacting’(DUI mode). Through an Explanatory Case Study that aims at analytical generalization in connection to theory verification and theory generation, propositions derived from the literature pertaining to why the combinations of DUI & STI modes of learning are tested and propositions for future research are developed. The thesis also presents suggestions for Global Wind Power to improve their innovative capabilities through the consideration of various learning routines identified.
Publication date30 May 2011
Number of pages114
ID: 52659834