Leaching of metals from paint and rubber particles

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Damir Posavec
4. term, Environmental Engineering, Master (Master Programme)
Rubber and antifouling paint particles leach metals such as Zn an Cu in water, which were linked to environmental toxicity. Leaching experiments were done using 4 rubbers and 3 paints of size fractions 1-2 mm, 200-500 μm and 40-80 μm in miliQ water with agitation for 72 hours or longer at a low relative concentration of sample 0.52 mg/mL, and some additionally at 5.22 mg/mL to determine the influence of particle size, relative concentration, and duration of leaching on leaching rate. Digestion of rubber and paint was done to obtain info on total metal content, link it to total leaching, and estimate necessary time to leach 50% of containing Zn. Specific surface area of samples was calculated using data obtained from particle size validation microscopy, and used for correlation with the mass transfer rate of metals.
SpecialisationEnvironmental Biotechnology
Publication date1 Jun 2018
Number of pages17
ID: 280246001