Laplands Crematorium

Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  • Line Larsen
  • Maria Vittrup Thomsen
  • Helene Holk Pedersen
4. term, Architecture, Master (Master Programme)
This master thesis presents an architectural design project, forming the physical conditions of a crematorium for Lapland in the capital of Rovaniemi in Finland. The intention of the project is to form an architecture which strategically gather people by articulating the subject of death. The project is developed on a site in the area of Nivankylä, situated on a sloping topography in the woods and natural environment. As we strive to utilise an architectural tectonic approach, we intend to do so, through innovative initiatives within thematics involving; Atmospheric & Sensuous Architecture, Tectonic, Architecture & Landscape and Nordic Culture. From this implementation of thematics, it could bring possibilities in the unseen potentials of such architecture, as the architecture could have the makings of fostering an existential architecture that allows humans to commit to the boundaries of living and dead through an architectural articulation of Death. Through iterations and investigations a foundation on how to deal with the typology of a crematorium was helped by site analysis, teconic studies and spatials and constructive qualities, as they acted as guiding parameters on how to address the site and form an architecture integrated with its surroundings. Furhter studies on acoustics, light, structure and materials guided further iterations in the design of the crematorium
Publication date23 May 2018
Number of pages169
ID: 279665750