• Bo Mørkbak Elefsen
  • Lars Haagensen
  • Joan Schou Berentzen
20 years ago, the rural zone was reserved mainly for the agricultural industry. Today it has come into use by many other interests, as nature and environmental interests gradually have gained more influence at the use of the acreage, at the same time as industry and citizens has been provided with more ability to settle down in the countryside. This development has had the consequence that the agricultural industry has taken on competition of the acreage, espe-cially in the last couple of years, because of the intensification of the interests of nature and aquatic environment in the rural zone. This competition has toughened the attention on an op-timal and fair regulation of the use and the protection of the areas in the rural zone. This project aim to examine if the land management system is competent to handle the future localization of the animal production in the rural zone, regarding to nature, aquatic environ-ment and the consideration of neighbours, so the animal production production is localized appropriately regarding to these interests. In addition, the agricultural establishment, nature, the aquatic environment and the consideration of neighbours has been through some comprehensive changes in the legislation through the last year, why the aim as well is to examine if the problems in the rural zone is reduced or become more intense by these changes. This provides the basis for the analysis of the management and handling of the interests of ag-riculture, nature, environment and consideration of neighbours in the rural zone, by the land management system. The basis for the analysis will be the present, the newly-adopted and the future legislation of this field of interest.
Publication date2004
Number of pages247
Publishing institutionAalborg Universitet
ID: 6143893