Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Peter Brøndum Christensen
  • Kasper Thaarup Hansen
This thesis is based on the amendments of the planning act in 2002, which meant that the munici-pality became regulatory authority of the rural areas in Denmark. Following these amendments concern was expressed that the municipal authority would lead a less restrictive administration of the rural areas causing damage to the environment, nature and landscape. So far, it has not been possible without ambiguity to determine whether the municipality has been less restrictive than the county authorities. However, an increase in new buildings or change of use, in the rural areas is not in itself problematic. The problems arise, if the municipality does not take the proper considerations into account when they grant permission to new buildings or change of use in the rural areas. An analysis of the rulings by The Nature Protection Board of Appeal shows that certain problems occur in relation to the following considerations: Planning, landscape and nature. For instance per-mits in rural areas are given to residential units, commercial buildings and holiday houses instead of placing such activities in planned areas. Furthermore it seems to be a general problem that the guidelines of the regional plan concerning nature and landscape are often being flouted The reform of municipal structures entails a fundamental change, since the importance of the re-gional authority will be diminished. The latitude of the municipal authority will increase concerning the administration of the rural areas, since they will be empowered to plan for the rural areas. The opportunities of the state to control the municipality will increase, however it is not to be expected, that the state will have incentive to intervene in the specific planning and administration of the rural areas. The state will only intervene if general problems occur.
Publication date2006
Number of pages107
Publishing institutionAalborg Universitet
ID: 6143888