• Anette Gravgaard Christensen
This case-study has the aim to shed light on the claim that there has been a disembedding of social relations from place due to globalization and an increasing access to mobility. Through interviews with members of Københavns Fødevarefællesskab I aim to shed light on how we can understand the significance of local attachments and community in late modern society and it is central to this study to see if the theory of elective belonging about the belongign of the english middle-class has the same explanatory value in a Danish context. I have formulated a tentative new form of local attachment on the basis of the study, that I call interest orientated belonging. This form of belonging seeks to incorporate that on the dimensions of mobility, place and people it maps out very differently from the premises of elective belonging.
Publication date1 Apr 2016
Number of pages90
ID: 227014681