• Thomas Bach Poulsen
  • Troels Jakobsen
This master thesis is initiated by the intension to evaluate the possibilities for Chartered Surveyors in expanding their participating within the potential area of practice ‘project development of real property’. The Chartered Surveyors are already participating in this type of work through the cadastral work, but an additional participation may be carried out within the area of practice as an advisory service. The analyses carried out in this thesis are divided in two parts, where the concepts chartered surveyor advising and ‘projectdevelopment of land property’ are described, respectively. The first part sets up a frame of comprehension about the chartered surveyor advising, which is based on the components: profession, responsibility, role of advisor and self-image. The second part specifies the concept ‘project development of real property’ and a clarification of the perspectives for further development. The clarification of the concepts is based on relevant theory and empirical research and interviews, and forms a basis for the evaluation of the involvement of chartered surveyors advising in the area of practice ‘project development of real property’ is in accordance with the Chartered Surveyor’s possibilities within advising is created. After these considerations, a number of options for the Chartered Surveyor’s participation in ‘project development of real property’ are set up, followed by an assessment of which role the Chartered Surveyors is to be expected to assume. From the conclusion of this thesis it can be accentuated that the Chartered Surveyor’s additional participation in ‘project development of real property’ may take two different courses – either as an external advisor or as an active involved with considerable interest. The Chartered Surveyor’s additional participation will, however, presumably be as an external advisor, as the Chartered Surveyors has no intensions to give up the professional identity of the profession, which basis is the cadastral work and society’s trust and expectations to the Chartered Surveyor’s work.
Publication date2007
Number of pages90
Publishing institutionInstitut for Samfundsudvikling og Planlægning
ID: 10218888