• Julie Svejdal
4. term, Social Work, Master (Master Programme)
The purpose of this project is to investigate what role the volunteer social effort plays in the work with emotionally vulnerable young people aged 18-35. The volunteer effort is represented by the volunteer social association “Læseforeningen” which operates/works in the intersection between literature, mental health promotion and social development/innovation work creating reading communities for a number of socially vulnerable groups.

To illustrate the field of study I have applied the social constructivist science tradition as well as done a number of interviews with representatives of the target group and staff members from “Læseforeningen”.

The project contains four analysis paragraphs each illuminating different aspects relating to the social effort of “Læseforeningen”. Initially, the project addresses the way in which “the emotionally vulnerable young person” has emerged as a social category in our society, how the volunteer social work positions itself in relation to this categorization and how the target group acts and is affected by this.

Subsequently, it is investigated which group dynamics can be identified in the reading community as well as how the group members make up a resource to each other. Hereof, especially three dynamics assert themselves/are in evidence: recognition/acknowledgement, destigmatisation and empowerment.

Parts of the empowerment processes are addressed separately in the third analysis paragraph where the activities of “Læseforeningen” are the focal point. Herein, it is made clear how the activities originate from an empowerment perspective for which reason numerous empowerment processes can be identified on different levels.

Finally, it is illustrated how the volunteer effort diverges from the effort of the public sector offered the target group. This final illustration is done based on the informants’ own accounts.

On the basis of the above-mentioned perspective/illustration it is concluded that the volunteer social effort represented by “Læseforeningen” plays an important role in the effort towards the target group of emotionally vulnerable young people. Important because it constitutes a significant supplement for the portion of the target group who makes use of the effort. Furthermore, the activity offered by “Læseforeningen” is the only initiative in some instances, thus making it all the more important.
Publication date2021
Number of pages78
External collaboratorLæseforeningen
Helene Forsberg helene@laeseforenigen.dk
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