• Derek Ian Damgaard
4. term, Master of Learning Processes (Continuing education) (Continuing Education Programme (Master))
This report analyses professional conversations by Helen Timperley in the view of withness-thinking by John Shotter in the context of a medium size school in Aalborg, Denmark. The organizational focus is on the teacher-headmaster relation. The report analyzes a survey with the teachers. Individual responses in the qualitative survey are analyzed to the factors for Professional Conversations. This in order to formulate the local shape and content of professional conversations at the school. The report furthermore formulates two perspectives on professional conversations. Learning with professional conversations and leadership with professional conversations, thus identifying the teacher perspective and the leadership perspective in terms. The report is critical of the mostly problem, progressive and feedback based culture described by Helen Timperley and attempts to “enrich” the perspective of a learning dialog and response with circumstances and thinking that may allow a more innovative, creative, spontaneous and sensual occasion for teacher learning as more than a new conceptual challenge with of-the-shelf methods. Six features of leadership with learning conversations are concluded.
SpecialisationEducational Leadership (MPL)
Publication date2 Jun 2019
Number of pages54
ID: 304971147