Lad vampyren komme ind: - i myter og medier

Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  • Katrine Rom Bøgehøj
4. term, Danish, Master (Master Programme)
The paper focuses on the Swedish horror movie “Let the Right One In” and its role and perspective in classical and modern vampire mythology.
As an introduction a presentation of vampires is given. This includes the folkloristic variants (myths, “old wives tales”, as well as differences seen across geography and time).
Furthermore, the vampire’s role and function in literature and film is explained.
The analysis consists of an introduction to the movie and weaves the classical vampire myths into the storyline of “Let the Right One In”.
The story is seen as a critique of modern society. Alienation and loneliness is caused by individualization and absence of traditional values and institutions (nuclear family, religion, “village life”). In this respect the vampire at the same time thrives in the anonymity of the satellite town, and is barred from participating in the few remaining social structures of modern society – apparently solely consisting of bullying and alcoholism. It also focuses on the dualism between good and evil; How does a “good” person do evil and vice versa. The pre-sexual tension and power struggle between the main characters is another focal point.
The movie’s groundbreaking merge of social realism, art film and horror leads to a discussion of film genres in general and also an attempt to place the movie somewhere in the traditional genre grid.
Finally the paper gives a perspective on the vampire’s role and presentation in modern media - this with a focus on the demystifying and the inclusion of the vampire into modern society.
Publication date15 Jul 2013
Number of pages55
ID: 79077020