Laboratory power supply

Student thesis: Profession bachelor

  • Magnus Munk Jensen
  • Jacob Lindholm Jürgensen
7. term, Electronic and Electrical Engineering (Diploma Programme)
The project is a bachelor project, carried out by Jacob L. Jürgensen, and Magnus M. Jensen, in collaboration with DEIF A / S. The project involves making a laboratory voltage supply and a constant current generator which is EMC resistant. The scope of the project was larger than expected, therefore the design of the power supply is a priority.
Throughout the report, relevant theory, such as EMC theory, will be described and calculations will be described. Various solution options will also be reviewed, and with an assessment of the best usable construction solutions for the task.
The solution was to make a class D output stage, focusing on discrete MOSFET drivers, and a well-designed output filter. Measurements on the construction, which was built as an open-loop solution, are consistent with previous simulations and calculations.
Publication date2021
Number of pages164
External collaboratorDEIF A/S
Senior Hardware Designer Stig Lund Pallesgaard
ID: 398234162