• Mia Laasholdt Friberg
  • Victoria Bangsbo Wammen
  • Kasper Christian Krautwald Sørensen
  • Ida Strandby Braae
  • Mille Michella Heltborg Larsen
4. term, Social Work, Master (Master Programme)
The many facets of quality – a qualitative case study of Stilken as an alternative social offer where
the aim is to research how it affects Stilken not to be a part of Tilbudsportalen, hence what impact it
has on the quality of its social work. The thesis is based on empirical narratives from the two owners
of Stilken, a mentor and four young people who either is or has been a part of the program.
The young people of discussion all find themselves in a vulnerable and deviant position in society,
and all share complex and composed problems including different kinds of abuse, criminality,
homelessness, social and mental challenges. The thesis challenges how Tilbudsportalen, which is a
central tool when caseworkers in the municipalities are searching for social offers to help the young,
contributes to maintaining a normative understanding of what quality in social work involves. The
thesis proves on one hand, how the organization of Stilken, and on the other hand how dominating
governance logics influence the way Stilken supplies and establish its social effort. The findings of
the thesis points towards that the organization of Stilken supports the employees to work in a flexible
way, act fast and offer individual activities. Stilken depends on the municipalities buying services
from them i.e., it adjusts its work to their demand. Furthermore, the thesis investigates how the young
experience the quality in Stilken and how the employees approach the young from a methodical
perspective. The thesis discovered that the young find it positive when the employees at Stilken offers
them a change of environment, a new chance, acknowledges them and believes in them. The young
struggles with navigating in the expectations and requirements they are met with when the topics are
education and employment. Their reaction is opposition and push-back when they do not find the
demands meaningful. Additionally, the young find it difficult to navigate in the systems by
themselves, hence they perceive it as quality when the owners act as coordinators between the
different actors involved in their lives. The thesis shows that the employees of Stilken has methodical
freedom of action which creates coherence and meaning for the young as they feel involved, heard,
and understood.
Keywords: Quality, Tilbudsportalen, complex issues, education, employment, alcohol abuse, drug
abuse, the youth, holistic, alternative social effort, exposure.
Publication date31 May 2021
Number of pages110
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