• Louise Jørgensen Duus
4. term, Music Therapy, Master (Master Programme)
People with dual diagnosis are double challenged since they are suffering from mental illness and drug addiction. Part of the challenge is problems with regulation of emotions and social behavior. Therefore it is important in the treatment of people with dual diagnosis to have a broad spectrum of treament opportunities in order to help them in as many ways as possible. Amongst these opportunities, art- and music therapy is considered as an offer that is either an alternative to – or complements the more usually applied verbal therapy. It is seen as an opening and an opportunity to explore feelings and thoughts in a new and different way within themself and in a social environment. Through sesations and experiences it is possible to regonize one self, others and the world.

Purpose: The purpose of this thesis is to investigate selected staff members' experience of art- and music therapy as a new part of a total out patient treatment offer for people with dual diagnosis.

Method: For this examination, qualitiative semi-structured interviews with selected staff members will be done. In addition art- and music therapy in substance abuse treament will be examined through litterature review according to the purpose of this thesis. Part of the author's preunderstanding to the investegation and the analysis of the interviews is based on aesthetic learning processes. This includes descriptions of developmental steps of selected clients
in art- and music therapy as I understand them.

Data: The data from this investigation contains transcribed intervews with selcted staff members and descriptions of developmental steps from selected clients in art- and music therapy as I understand them. Examples from interviews and developmental steps from clients are presented during the thesis. All interviews are analysed vertically, horizontally and globally analysed within a phenomenological approach.

Results: The results from the investigation indicates that art- and music therapy is considered a valuable and useful tool in an outpatient context for people with dual diagnoses. The opinion of selected staff members' on art- and music therapy reveal that art- and music therapy amongst other things is considered to be able to open new ways of exploring emotions and of practicing social behavior in a safe setting. The developmental steps of the clients can be regoniced by the informants during interviews even though the results of this part of the investigation are not totally clear.
Publication date30 May 2015
Number of pages78


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