• Maria Beyer
4. term, Architecture, Master (Master Programme)
This is a project report that documents the design process used in final thesis at Architecture and Design, University of Aalborg. The project deals with converting a former warehouse at the Carlsberg brewery site in Copenhagen into an artist house. The idea is based on the fact that artists in Copenhagen lack studio spaces and the Carlsberg area needs a driving force to attract citizens and shoppers to the new city part that will rise from the grounds of the former brewery. The project is based on thorough analyses of among other the site, principles on conversions and the basic needs of the future uses of the facility. Technical demands for the indoor climate with a focus on daylight and energy consumption has been incorporated. Principale solutions have been made for the building at large and more detailed ones of a central circulation structure. The main focus has been to design an artist house that functions well for both artist and the public by creating smaller and larger inspiring elements. The result is a unique artist house that has been converted with respect for the architectural heritage but at the same time challenges the framework of the existing building.
Publication date2008
Number of pages137
Publishing institutionArkitektur & Design
ID: 14421674