Crime Script analysis: Romance scam

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Julie Thaisen
  • Cecilie Møller Nymand
This thesis intends to examine Romance scammers techniques in this criminal act. In an
international view there has been a focus on the victims of Romance scam, where the research
has examined the consequences and the type of scammers. Beyond these perspectives
international research focuses on preventive steps for victims, such as an early psychological
effort. In contrast this thesis intends to focus on Romance scammers and their techniques. Our
data is collected through qualitative interviews with experts: Specialists in Fraud, the police,
and a psychological entertainer. Supplemented with collected empirical data and cases. To
analyze this thesis, we used Routine Activity Theory and Rational Choice Theory. Routine
Activity Theory uses three elements that explain why the criminal act either fails or is
succeedes. On the contrary the Rational Choice Theory explains that the criminal act is to
benefit the scammers needs. Our results are based on our empirical data and cases about the
phenomenon of Romance scam. This has enabled us to answer the scammers' techniques in a
crime script analysis. The crime script is divided into five steps which create an outline of the
techniques used by the scammers. In the end of this thesis, reflections will be presented on the
possible prevention strategies we have considered based on the prepared crime script. We have
incorporated the experts' ideas for preventive strategies. We conclude that the scammers go
through five different steps in the act of Romance scam. These steps are throughout regardless
of whoever the scammer is or wherever the scammer is staying.
Publication date6 Jun 2022
Number of pages92
External collaboratorCharlotte Kappel
kriminalpsykolog Charlotte Kappel
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